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RGB Matrix Clock


Scrolling Clock

RGB Matrix Clock

This is a clock I built using a 32x32 RGB LED display from

Besides a clock, it's also a Game of Life display. It uses the time display as the Life seed, and iterates through the Life generations till stagnation is reached.The date and time is then displayed again. It has several modes of operation, including scrolling, static and an analog clock simulation.


This is the analog clock mode. Analog Clock Display  
Menu Options menu: choose mode, set clock, calibrate clock. Speed sets the GoL display rate.  
I used a PIC18F67K22 microcontroller to run the show, and a rotary encoder with a pushbutton switch as input device. The Pic has 128k of flash, which is way more than needed here. I choose it because it has 4k of RAM, and a built in RTCC.

This is the back of the clock. The Pic micro is the little square near the center of the control board. The encoder used for input is just below the Pic and to the left. That's the programming header above the Pic, and the battery backup to the right.

Back of clock
The control board has its own power jack, but I didn't want to drill into the side of the case, so I brought out two wires to an external jack mounted on the bottom. Also didn't like the idea of the power cable sticking out of the side of the case.
  RGB Matrix Clock  
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