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LED Matrix Clock

  Plain Old LED Clock  
This is my second LED clock. I built it a few years ago out of four 5x7 LED matrices. It's pretty basic, it just tells time in 12 hour format. It doesn't even display AM/PM. Hey, if you can't tell when it's AM or PM, maybe a clock isn't what you need. I just needed a clock you could look at to give you the time right away. Input is through a pushbutton rotary encoder.
Digit Module Prototype
Each digit has its own control board driven by a Pic16f873. The digit modules receive time data from the main control board serialy by UART. This is one of the prototype boards. For the final build, I ordered some PCB's from one of the online PCB fab houses.
Digit Module


  Back of Clock  
The back of the clock. Nothing fancy here. Just the power plug and the rotary encoder used for setting the clock.
  LED Matrix Clock  
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