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How about lightning bugs in a jar?

  Lightning Bugs in a Jar  

This is my cruelty free jar of fireflies, aka lightning bugs.

  LED Fireflies  

I used 24 yellow LEDs flashing at random intervals to simulate the fireflies.

  Control Board  

This is the bottom of the control board, and the 3D printed stand that holds the board. The larger IC is the brains. It's a PIC18f26k22, which is a little overpowered for this project, but they're pretty cheap and I had them on hand. The other, smaller IC, is a TLC5947 LED driver.

  The 3D printed stand also holds the receiver/secondary for the wireless transformer, which supplies power to the board. Wireless Power Receiver  
  Firefly Jar Inside  
  I coated the inside of the jar using white acrylic paint diluted to about 10-20% with water and acrylic medium. This makes the jar just transparent enough for the LEDs to show, while hiding the components and wiring. I originaly tried frosted glass spray, but wasn't happy with the results. The small closed space made it dificult to apply the spray propperly.  
November 2017